Online Fundraising Websites


Although we’re big fans of selling door-to-door and at fundraising events, one thing you can’t forget is online fundraising.


Many people simply like to support your cause online and that’s why you should really launch a campaign on an online fundraising website.


online fundraising websiteThis also gives people more time to carefully think about how much to give rather than feeling time pressured, as is the case when you get a knock on your door.


In addition, write the URL of your online fundraising campaign on the flyers and other material that you hand out. Your personal online fundraising page will be the place everyone gets together to provide support, see the overall target and help spread the word.

The Ultimate Fundraising Product – Pizza!


We’re all familiar with the usual fundraising products, from cookie dough, to lollipops and much more. However, a product that is often overlooked is pizza!


It’s healthy, tasty, easy to make, cheap and almost everyone loves it!


Imagine feeling hungry and you then get a knock at the door from someone selling a tasty slice of pizza while raising money for a good cause. How awesome is that!? So awesome that we’re soon going to be releasing a complete guide on how to create a tasty pizza and how best to sell it.


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